Monday, July 25, 2011

Summer Time

It's been a long time since I blogeded. Long have I missed the gentle caress of stroking the keys of my wireless mac keyboard with useless information.

I'll start with a clip from one of the funniest shows out in the open. It's always sunny in Phili.

My summer is as follow:

Breaking Bad. Yes it is the best show on the television screen which is in my living room. Watching Walter White cook and deal meth has helped me to better relate to the tweakers in my neighborhood. I love this show, season 4 shall not disappoint. If you haven't seen this show. Watch it, it's good clean fun for a family all above the age of 18.

Summer movies. One was Harry Potter. I thought it was a great way to end the 'never ending' series. This scene was questionable at best but the actual ending where Harry is an even uglier adult than he is a teenager, Ron having a gut and Hermione just remaining her gorgeous self was funny but had to be done. They can't bring in random actors to end the series. I understand that.

Summer has been great. Swimming at Shermans with my crappy ganers and living the good life. Me and big Liz also just bought a home in bountiful, so come by and visit. Make sure to send a letter of your request first so me and Liz can analyze if, and when, you can come over(I accept all major chocolates and money).

I also found this gem.


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